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U-Pick  2018

As of August 15


PF 24 - Ripe, large, good condition  

Gene Elberta - Ripe, medium to small, very sweet

Red Globe - Ripe, large to medium

Glohaven - Ripe, very sweet, large to medium

Blushingstar - a few ripe, medium to small, white flesh


Grand Sweet - super sweet clingstone, mostly firm, but ripe

Fantasia - some ripe, medium to small

Arctic Jay - some ripe, medium to small, delicious white flesh


Zestar - many ripe

Gingergold - mostly ripe

Gala - just starting, color pick








Picking daily  from 9:00 - 6:00  



  • Eat blackberries fresh or in jam or pie.  You can rinse and freeze them for later.  Here are some tips for picking:
    • The ripest, sweetest berries are dark with no red color left.  They become looser as they ripen.  
    • There are 3 varieties ready now, all with different shapes and flavors. Taste-testing is okay.  Mixing varieties is okay.
    • The biggest berries often hide deep inside the plant.
    • Pick into small or shallow containers.  Pints and quarts are easy to handle.
    • All of these varieties are thornless (thank goodness).
    • The mosquitos are not too bad yet, but you may want to bring bug spray or some other defense.
    Plan on about 6 cups of berries for a pie and 10 cups for a batch of jam.
     Stop at the barn and weigh containers in and we will direct you to the berries.    

    U-pick berry price is $2.50/lb.  This is about equal to $1.75/pint or $3/ quart container (as shown below)


Call 208-642-7265 or email




Days & Hours


Open Monday - Saturday from 9:00 - 6:00
Closed Sundays